June 15 Denali West Buttress Ski Trip – Arrives in Camp 1

The June 15 West Buttress Ski Team arrived at Camp 1 in good spirits last night as the alpenglow hit Mt. Foraker. All Mountain Trip teams are now traveling under the “Midnight Sun” on the lower glacier this time of year, to avoid the high temperatures during the day.

The team plans to put in a cache at around 10,200′ this evening. This cache consists of gear and food that will be used on the upper mountain. In addition to lightening the loads, these cache days are also an important part of the Denali acclimatization schedule. “Climb high, sleep low”. Hopefully the team will score some sweet turns as they head back to Camp 1 for one more night before making the move to Camp 2.

Here’s climber, Sean:


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