June 6 West Buttress Team at Camp One

Mountain Trip lead guide Jason Denley called in an update from the June 6 West Buttress Team at Camp One. The team has begun traveling on a night schedule to move across the lower glacier when it is at its most solid. That means that the team had a midnight alarm set to leave base camp with all of their gear by 2 a.m., by the light of the midnight sun. Some climbers consider the move to Camp One as the hardest day on the expedition, since the whole process is so new, the scenery is overwhelming, and you have the heaviest load of the trip: up to 40 pounds in your sled and upwards of 60 pounds in your backpack.

Here’s Jason!


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  1. YAY! We miss you, Sean! Glad that the Colorado team has made it to Camp One!! Love – Tyler, Alex, Kona and KK

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