May 27 Denali West Buttress Team – Back Carry to 9800′

The May 27th team took an “Active Rest” day from Camp 2 (11,200′) yesterday. The team hiked down from Camp 2 to retrieve their cache from 9,800′ in “variable” conditions fo wind and snow. This was good training for the team! These days are easier and I good chance for the team to keep acclimatizing while conserving energy to move higher up the mountain.

Today, the team plans to take a rest and skills day. The team will practice skills needed to cache at 13,000′ around Windy Corner and then move to Camp 3 (14,200′). These skills include, crampon and ice as techniques known as “snow school” as well as a talk about altitude sickness and summit gear. From Camp 2, the real climbing begins with the possibility of harsher conditions as you move higher up the mountain. The “rest days” are the perfect opportunity for the team to get their energy back and get prepared for the upper mountain!

Here is Lead Guide, Jesse Wright. Have a listen:


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