May 18 West Buttress Team – At 17,000′ and Going for the Summit!

Lead Guide, Karl Welter called in last night under the midnight sun from high camp at 17,000′. The team experienced a windy, snowy morning at high camp that dissipated in to clear, windless skies. The team plans to summit today, so here’s wishing the team the best of luck and conditions! Hopefully the next dispatch from the May 18 will be from the summit of Denali!


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  1. Great job getting up to high camp on Monday, and thinking of you Colin and the team today as you push for the summit! 🙂
    Looking forward to hearing the next update tomorrow morning (European time 🙂 ).
    Good luck to everyone and take care!

  2. Watching you every step of the way along with all of your family and friends! So excited for you and your team! Can’t wait to hear all of your stories! Good luck today and YOU GOT ThIS!

  3. Excellent climbing! Stay strong Cameron and team. We are awaiting your next update! Be Strong and Be Safe…xoxoxo Mama Trish

  4. Congratulations to the entire Mountain Trip team and Cameron on reaching the summit. It seems the conditions were less than ideal and that you were able to push on to the top is an amazing accomplishment. I am sure you are looking forward to good hot meal. I can’t wait to hear all about your journey.
    Be safe on the way down….

    • Hi David,
      Have you heard from the team that they made it to the summit? I didn’t see any update, but maybe you have a special information source 🙂
      Looking forward to the next dispatch!

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