May 18 West Buttress Team Cached on 16-Ridge

The May 18 Deanli West Buttress team had a big day today, with 7-8 hours of heading up the fixed lines to ascend the steep headwall that leads to the impressive 16,000′ ridge above Camp Three. When on the route, this is certainly when one gets the sense that the serious climbing has begun. Pushing up above 16,000′ with heavy loads is certainly no easy task.

Today, weather permitting, the team will be once again headed back up the fixed lines, this time to move to High Camp at 17,200′ to prepare for their attempt on the 20,310′ summit!

Unfortunately this climber doesn’t give your name, so if you recognize the voice on the update, help us out in the comments!

Listen to the update here:


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  1. That is Colin speaking 🙂
    Happy to hear you and the team made it up the fixed lines today, after what sounds like a few days of rough weather at camp 3, and I hope the weather stays good enough for the move to High Camp today!
    Maria x

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