May 23 West Buttress Team – Weather Day at 11,200′

Lead guide Yoshiko Miyazaki called in an update from Camp Two at 11,200′ on the May 23 team. Unfortunately, her reception wasn’t the best, so some of the message is a bit unclear. Camp Two sits in a glacial basin of sorts, with high mountain walls on virtually all sides, so often it can be hard to keep good satellite phone connection. However, we know the team took today as a rest day due to high winds and low visibility.

Weather prevented the team from backcarrying to retrieve their cache at the top of Ski Hill near Kahiltna Pass. They are hoping for a weather window to retrieve their cache tomorrow, and continue up around Windy Corner to their next camp at over 14,000′. For now, the team is doing well and enjoying some extra rest and tent snacks, and perhaps catching up on their reading and downloaded movies.

Here’s Yoshi!


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