May 10 Denali West Buttress Team- Weather Day at 14,000′ Camp

The May 10 Denali West Buttress Team took a weather/rest day yesterday at 14,000′ Camp (Camp 3). Rest days are great for teamwork and building camaraderie between the team members. Weather days often include multiple cups of coffee, and a little bit of hard work. Building walls is a common way to keep busy around camp and protect the team’s tents from high winds and snow as the team experienced yesterday.

The team is now looking towards the upper mountain with sights set on a weather window to move to high camp at 17,200′ and then summit from there. The weather window needed is generally 3-4 days of high pressure with low to moderate winds in the forecast.

Climber, Dave Artusi, called in with a report that the team is in high spirits and doing “fantastic”. Have a listen:


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  1. Dave,

    So good to hear your voice and know that your trip is progressing nicely. Everyone in Colorado Springs is excited to hear from you, and we know you are staying safe and that your final climb will be a successful adventure!


  2. Dave:

    So exciting to hear the great report. We are thrilled to see the progress you and your teammates are making on this amazing journey. Keep up the great work!

    Steve, Sandra & the Kids

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