May 7 Denali West Buttress Team – Cache on 16,000′ Ridge

Team member, Lachlan Grassie called in with an update from 14,000′ camp. The team had a successful day yesterday. They were able to put in a cache of gear on the 16,000′ ridge, despite difficult conditions on the fixed lines. As Lachlan put it “challenging, yet rewarding”.

As the first team on the mountain, they had their work cut out for them with blue ice conditions on the fixed lines. This can mean some pretty technical cramponing, talk about sore calves! Today is a much needed rest day, the first in 8 days on the mountain. They sure earned those pancakes, a common rest day breakfast!

Here’s Lachlan. Have a listen:


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    • Hi Lauren,

      Our apologies, we fixed the issue and you can see the post now! Thank you for following along!

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