May 10 Denali West Buttress Team – Moves to 14,000′ Camp

Team member, Chris, called in from 14,000′ camp last night. The team was able to move from 11,200′ camp to 14,200′ camp yesterday in “chilly” conditions. Good thing the team has been eating well, with a high calorie mac n’ cheese dinner to keep them warm on the move.

Arriving at 14,000′ camp is huge accomplishment for the team. After a couple days of “active” rest that includes backcarry and cache days, the team will then wait for a summit window. In the next couple of days the team will also practice crucial skills needed for success on the upper mountain such as fixed line practice and running belays. The team is feeling strong and psyched!!

Here’s Chris. Have a listen:


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  1. Yay!!! Y’all are getting closer to the Summit!!!

    Sounds like great teamwork all around.

    Stay safe everyone!!!

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