May 14 Denali Team

The winter condition continue to hem guides and clients in at higher camps, as conditions prevent them from traveling safely up the mountain. Jerry, a client on the May 14 trip called in with an update on their stay at camp at 11,800 ft.

The team spent the day getting a little exercise on a hike up above camp to practice their crampon skills for the days ahead on the higher mountain. Alpine travel technique will become even more essential for safe travel. They enjoyed themselves being able to distance themselves from camp briefly. They’ve been stationary for several days now at Camp 2.

Debbie also took over the sat phone with a few message for those back home in Wisconsin.

Weather is often unpredictable on Denali, even in the spring and summer months, and it’s fairly common for teams to stay in a camp for days on end. For now, everyone on the May 14 team is happy, healthy, and ready to move higher as soon as the weather permits.

Here’s the team:

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  1. Aww, Debbie, it was awesome to hear your voice! Sorry to hear that the weather is holding you guys up. Hopefully things will improve so you can get the show on the road. Had to chuckle when I heard in one of the previous posts about the good times and laughing that was going on, knew it had to be Debbie! Take care and be safe!

  2. Aww! Debbie you’re the best! Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! ❤️❤️ I Can’t wait to hear all about the climb! Sending positive thoughts to the entire team! Be safe and have fun! Love ya!

  3. Debbie,
    It was great to hear your voice!! We are so proud of you and what the May 14th team has done so far. I hope the weather will cooperate soon so you can keep moving forward. Enjoy this wonderful experience and be safe. Can’t wait to see you when you get home. Take care.

  4. David, the boys and I have been watching and reading about your trip and hoping the weather breaks enough to give you guys a window of opportunity. Maybe you’ve learned a few card games! 🙂

  5. Debbie, it was great to hear your voice. Sorry to hear that the weather is being so difficult. I had to laugh with your comment about keeping the house clean since we had that discussion before you left. You and your group are in my continued thoughts and prayers. Take care!

  6. Darn snow!!! I checked Facebook but no new pics. Maybe tomorrow. Got everybody watching ur progress. Very Cool. Love Debbie’s comment about the house. It just never goes away ,does it. LOL!! Stay safe everyone. Xoxo

  7. Wendy-rific!
    Hope you’re enjoying the amazing experience and soaking in all the Alaska Range goodrness. Safe, smooth travels, friend.

    I’m off to Telluride for Mountainfilm.

    –Dan-tastic. (Dan Jenkins).

  8. Debbie:

    Brandon and Nathan just called and asked me to visit. I was pleased for the invite. But why would they ask me to bring mops, buckets, and strong air freshener????

    Luv U. Praying for a break in the weather!!

  9. Hey Sis (Debbie)… I have visions of you keeping Denali organized and tidy!!! The house is tidy, kids & kitties are just fine and most importantly the grass is cut and trimmed and looks impeccable!!! PRAYING that the storms settle down and don’t impede progress… As mom always said, it’s all in God’s hands… Love you – V

  10. Wendy; This is my second try…lol. How are you doing up there? Too much snow, huh? Bummer. You’ve been to 22,800 already so it is probably a cakewalk for you. Be safe.

    Mark Lazinski

  11. Hope the weather lets you move ahead soon! No better place to practice your skills though right? Safe travels ❤

  12. Enjoy natures beauty as the snow falls and think how much more magical the view from the top of Denali will be with that fresh blanket of snow.
    Stay focused. Stay sharp. Stay the course!!!
    Can’t wait to see photos of you Weed!!

  13. Just talked to Hank and he is thinking of you and hopes for safe travels. Hope today was better weather wise. Dad is thinking you got the gene from him, you think???? LOL. You two love those mountains. Thinking about you extra tonight so hope that means the weather is better. Stay positive always, stay safe. xoxo

  14. I hope your having a blast, and having a safe trip! Thinking of you, and hope your taking a lot of pictures! Love you!
    -Ash & Keifer

  15. Hope the weather takes a turn for the better so you all can achieve your goals you have all worked so hard to achieve! Take care and be safe!

  16. No new message so lets hope the weather is clearing. We are keeping track twice a day. Bet everyone is turning into a card shark LOL!!! Positive thought for clear days ahead. As always stay safe.xoxo

  17. Hey Debbie! Haven’t seen any new posts so I’m guessing you are still int he same spot. I keep praying that the weather clears so you guys can continue on your journey. On a side note, the new meds are working AWESOME!!! Actually made it downstairs and it was so nice to get back down there and get back into the swing of things. The only thing that could have made it better is if you were down there. Gonna have to wait though cause you got a mountain to climb! 🙂

  18. Thinking about you and hoping you are having fun and will make it to the summit. Praying for good weather here on out. George and I are in Colorado now, headed to Utah. Had fun in Golden, and have spent several days in Grand Junction waiting for all the holiday people to leave so we can get a room in Utah. Who knew everyone in the world wants to go to Utah????? Please be safe. Love you.

  19. Hope u have ur “I’m Strong” socks with u. I think u might need them. LOL!!!! Anxiously waiting for a new update. The weather needs to straighten up as time is running out. Stay safe everyone. Xoxo

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