Denali 2021 – May 7 Team Arrives at Camp 1 (7,800′)

The May 7 Team arrived at Camp 1 (7,800′) yesterday afternoon, after a “leisurely” 5 mile walk across the Kahiltna Glacier. It has been snowing for the past 24 hours since the team arrived in basecamp, with temperatures in the 20’s. Luckily, the lower glacier of Denali can still be navigated even with some weather, so the team can continue with their acclimatization schedule.

Today, the team plans to make a cache of gear around 10,200′. This cache is part of the carefully thought out acclimatization strategy for climbing Denali. “Climb high, sleep low” is what we like to say when climbing big mountains. The team will cache food and gear for the upper mountain, that will not be needed for the next few days. Several caches are made when climbing the mountain, generally one from every camp at 10,200′, 13,200′, and 16,000′.

Here’s Climber Corey Anderson with the dispatch. Have a listen:


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