January 19 Aconcagua Team – Rest Day at 18k (complete with pizza and beer)

Climber Will DeVries called in an update from the January 19 Aconcagua team at 18,000′, at Camp Two on the route, also known as “Helicopter Camp.”

The team took a full rest day at Camp Two–even complete with pizza made on the camp stove and beer (which the climbers noted has a significantly increased effectiveness at over 5480 meters).

The team plans to head up to Aconcagua High Camp tomorrow, January 23. From there they will make their push for the 22,841′ summit the next day if conditions allow! It sounds like everyone is doing well and is in good spirits, excited to make their summit push.

Best of luck to the climbers as they continue higher on Cerro Aconcagua, towards the high point of the Americas.

Here’s Will with the quick update:


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