January 10 Aconcagua team – Rest Day at ‘Helicopter Camp’

Marty called in an update from Helicopter Camp, also known as Camp Two on Aconcagua at just shy of 18,000′.

The team spent their day yesterday carrying supplies up to High Camp on the route to get a bit of acclimatization for their summit push up to 22,841′. The hike from Helicopter Camp to High Camp, as Marty described, is certainly quite rugged, but is also an exceptionally beautiful part of the mountain. The terrain between Camp Two and Camp Three is fairly straightforward, but everything is made much harder once you’re nearing 20,000′!

Here’s Marty with the update:


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  1. Keep on trucking Marty! Almost there. Looking forward to having you home as I don’t think I can stand my own cooking much longer. Thank

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