Mario Roncador called in one of my favorite  posts EVER!  Today, the team could not move up, as the weather up high was not suitable to allow travel, so Mario led the effort to build “The Pull Up Challenge!”

Our crew dug a pit in the snow and set up a pull up bar, using ice axes.  All of the residents of the 14,200′ camp came over to watch and/or participate.  Check out the photo – there are a TON of climbers!!

May 6 2016 Denali pull up challenge

As Mario reports – Mountain Trip crushed the competitors!

  • Lead Guide Yoshiko Miyazaki-Back won the Women’s Competition
  • Don Lashley took second, for Most Over 60 (not totally certain what that means…) behind an RMI guide named David
  • Mountain Trip swept the Men’s Overall, with our Guide Josh Miller tying Mario, with 22 pull ups in a row

Over the decades, we’ve had some fun group activities at 14 Camp, but as Mario opines, and I tend to agree – this might be the biggest event in the history of Denali expeditions.  Kudos to Mario and our team for organizing the event and congrats for CRUSHING IT!!!

Here is Mario in English i Italiano:

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  1. Brent-
    I’ve been keeping an eye on the weather and the updates. Keep on keepin’ on! Stay safe! Summit! There is a 30 minute hot shower waiting for you back home…

    • I was able to do 13 because I was in my down booties I’m sure. It was a great atmosphere. Also sure there were other ladies that could have crushed it but there were only 2 of us ladies that did it. Fun times.

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