June 23rd Team Backcarried from 11,200′

Josh Oakley called in from 11,200′, the site of the June 23rd Team’s Camp 2.  The team dropped down about a thousand feet to retrieve a cache of supplies that they had buried in the snow a couple days earlier.  This process of “double carrying” enables the team to both move the heaps of food, fuel and kit needed for the expedition and also to ease their bodies into the thinner air of each successive camp.  When they drop back down to retrieve their supplies, we call this “backcarrying” or their “back carry day.”

The team has been dealing with some challenging weather, but they are eager to continue moving up the mountain.  The plan for their next day is to carry loads of supplies up to an elevation of about 13,500′, on the far side of a steep ridge known as Windy Corner.  This feature has earned that moniker over the years and hopefully, this team won’t have to find out why!

Here’s Josh!

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  1. YAY!!! Sooo awesome to hear your voice, Josh! Love & Miss you!! We are all routing for the clouds to part and bring you guys awesome summit weather this next week. So Proud! :):):)

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