Elbrus Expedition moving up to the Heart of Elbrus Hut

Mountain Trip lead guide Jacob Schmitz called in another update for the Elbrus team, who were enjoying breakfast at their lodge before beginning their trek up to the Heart of Elbrus Hut.

They will spend three to four nights at the Heart of Elbrus continuing to acclimatize and review some essential alpine skills before heading up to the 18,841′ summit. We have heard updates from the team since they arrived, noting that the hut is beautiful and situated at around 12,500′. They did a quick acclimatization hike up to around 13,300′ after lunch. They will likely stay at the hut another two days to adjust to the higher altitude.

Jacob is unsure of what satellite phone reception will be like at the hut, and would like to let everyone know to keep in mind that “no news is good news.” If they are unable to call in audio updates, we will keep you updated on their progress as best we can with InReach messages.

Here’s Jacob with the update!


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