May 6 Denali Team holding at 14,200 ft.

Mountain Trip guide Yoshiko called in from camp on the Denali West Buttress route with an update. She said that the team has been facing a lot of high winds, cold and snow. They’ve decided to stay at 14,200-camp again this evening.

The weather should improve by Monday at the latest, but for now the team is doing their best to stay warm and sheltered at camp. Mountaineering in the Arctic north inevitably comes with unpredictably cold weather, and the team unquestionably will always make the call to prioritize safety above movement up the mountain. They’re playing games and staying in high spirits as the wintry whiteout persists outside.

Think warm thoughts for the May 6 Team. Here’s Yoshi:

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  1. I think I now have the hang of this! I think my sis Debbie is on your MAY 14 DENALI ?? Thanks so much for your message and please give her a hug from me!!!

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