June 7 Team on the Move!

It’s been a very busy few days for the members of the June 7th Team. The team met in Anchorage, Alaska on June 7th for a team meeting and equipment check, then departed for Talkeetna on June 8th for Talkeetna. In Talkeetna, the team attended a mandatory meeting with the National Park Service and they checked in, and weighted, all of their expedition equipment with our air services provider. That afternoon the team flew in to the Alaska Range and set up at Base Camp. The next two days were spent moving loads of equipment and supplies up the Kahiltna glacier.

denali base camp

Denali Base Camp!


denali team leaves base camp

Mountain Trip Denali expedition leaves base camp


denali camp 1 on clear day

Camp 1 on a very clear day


Mountain Trip assistant guide Jayci Ferrimani called in today’s update. He reports good weather and high spirits amongst the team members. The team plans to continue making their way up the mountain, and they plan to move a load of equipment and supplies to a cache site tonight. Here’s Jayci:


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