everest summit day

Mountain Trip Everest Expedition climber Vanessa called in to report that the team is headed for the summit today!

The team made the decision to take advantage of a rest day yesterday, so they could spend a few more hours acclimating, breathing supplemental oxygen and replenishing their strength to give them a boost to make the summit push.

Weather is looking beautiful and clear right now, Vanessa reported, but the forecast is calling for some clouds and snowfall in the evening. The climbers are feeling strong, and if the last section of the climb goes as planned, they should be off before the weather changes. Vanessa said the team is of course, concerned about safety first and foremost, but hopes that their next dispatch will be from the summit of Everest.

The Mountain Trip family all wishes them the best of luck, clear skies and a safe ascent to the roof of the world. Reaching the summit of Everest is unquestionably no small endeavor; even to make it as far as they have is a feat that few accomplish successfully.

They team sends love to friends and family watching from back home.

Although her oxygen mask garbles the beginning of the message, after a few seconds you can hear Vanessa loud and clear. To listen, click below:

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  1. Safe summit sounds so satisfyingly soon; stay safe, stay in step, stick to strategy; survey the scene and swiftly slip to settle at shack sree soon. Smooches, Sam

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