SUMMIT!!!! Call from 20,310′! Third time is the charm for the May 20 Team

Here’s guide Kristin Arnold and the May 20 Team with an ecstatic call from the SUMMIT!

We’re so happy for the team and very proud that they stuck it out and went for the top once again. Their hard work and determination was certainly rewarded.

Here’s the call from the summit, with quick shout outs from most team members!

Guide Matt Park called in another update on the team, from back at camp, to let all know that they are safe and to recap their day a little bit!

Over the next couple of days, the team will be descending over 10,000′ from High Camp back to Denali Base Camp, where they will catch a plane back to Talkeetna!

Congratulations once again to the team! Strong work up there and their perseverance really paid off!

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  1. Congratulations to the whole team! What an accomplishment! We are so excited you made it. We love you, Chris!

  2. Yeeahhhh!!!! Bien joué mon pote, tu le mérites! Hâte que tu nous racontes tout ça, félicitations, c’est beau ce que tu as fait. Yann

  3. Bravo mon Ju !!!! Nous sommes fiers de toi ! Au rapport maintenant 😉
    On t’embrasse fort, à très vite !

  4. Félicitation Julien!!!! C’est juste énorme ce que tu viens de faire. J’ai hâte que tu me racontes cette aventure. Bisous

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