May 14 Denali Team holding at 11,000 ft.

Mountain Trip HQ received a call from the May 14 trip, who are also socked in by the whiteout conditions at camp. They all reported being healthy and happy. The team is undoubtedly getting some time to update their journals, read some books and play cards.

We weren’t able to catch the name of the client calling in, but here’s the update for the May 14 team:

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  1. Thank you for your message and for highlighting in your message MAY 14 DENALI !!!
    Debbie is my sis!

    • I love blossoming families!!!! Bless your son (if you feel lile sharing his name?) and the entire team and we all are there for them, here in Wisconsin!!! 1:31p Central

  2. Enjoy the rest and prepare for the climb ahead!!
    Thinking of you every step of the way Wendy Gustin!!!
    So proud!!!!???

  3. Beautiful full moon tonight Wendy!!! Guess you won’t see it with your weather. Hope you can get on your way soon. Enjoy the rest!! Grateful for the daily updates. Keep warm and safe!!!

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