2016 Everest Team Checks in from the South Col!

Mountain Trip guide and owner Bill Allen called our headquarters from 25,938 ft. (7,906 m) on Mount Everest with an update on the expedition’s progress.  He, Vanessa and Greg have been moving up the mountain for the past few days, gaining over 8,000 ft. of elevation, as they prepare for their summit bid on Everest!

They are planning on taking a rest day tomorrow, in the hopes of giving their bodies a bit of respite before making the tough climb to the summit of Mount Everest.  Mountain Trip plans for such instances by having an ample amount of oxygen available on the upper mountain.  The crew will spend tomorrow in their oxygen masks, which will make the stay at just below 8000 m comfortable, if not quite luxurious.

Climbing big, cold mountains entails a fair bit of suffering, and spending time up high is tough.  Fortunately, Greg and Vanessa have prepared for this experience by climbing a number of other cold, challenging peaks, many with Mountain Trip.  Their experience on Denali, Aconcagua and Mount Vinson has helped them gain an understanding of their bodies and of how to manage themselves in adverse conditions.

Climbing mountains requires a whole lot more than just solid crampon and ice axe technique.  Personal maintenance is oft overlooked, and generally is only a skill that you can acquire by spending time in inhospitable environments.  The “soft skills” of expedition climbing can be just as important as the technical skills.  Greg and Vanessa have demonstrated that they have those skills well honed, and the team is really in a good position to take advantage of tomorrow’s good looking weather forecast.

The plan is to rest during the day and then start up late at night on the 21st.  Traveling by headlamp, and on oxygen, they will climb the last ~3000 ft. to the summit of Mount Everest – the top of the world!

Let’s all think warm, good thoughts for the team.  Knowing that they have friends, family, fans and support from down low really helps.  We’re all proud of their effort and look forward to the next report.

Here’s Bill!

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  1. Get good rest Bill and climbers . Bon voyage on the night of the 20th. Let us know if you can see us waving back from the States on the morning of the 21st. Love, Sam K. and Linda.

  2. Great work everyone! We are following every update here in Washington State. Otis, Levi and Hazel are cheering for Uncle Bill and his team. We love you and are praying for you guys daily. Can’t wait to celebrate with you! –The Allens in WA.

  3. Great work team in all your preparations for this! Keeping my fingers crossed for all of you and hoping everything goes to plan. Good luck!!

  4. Aunt Linda and uncle Jerry are thinking about you , your fellow climbers and your successfull ascent to the top of the world !!!!

  5. So proud of you guys! You all are amazing! Sending you positive vibes and best wishes…it’ll all be worth it soon!!! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures soon Vanessa! Fight on!

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