West Rib Expedition at 14,200-Camp

Mountain Trip guide Pablo Parunjacas called in with an update on the Denali West Rib expedition, who are currently camped at 14,200 ft. Today they completed a single-carry of supplies to cache up high at around 15,000 ft., past a ridgeline aptly named Windy Corner (which Pablo said was certainly living up to its name).

For now, the team is resting in camp and looking forward to making more steady progress on their route. The expedition has went smoothly so far, and we wish them the best of luck as they push up onto the upper mountain. The winds on Denali can reach incredible speeds above 14,000 ft., and the team is hoping for these winds to die down as they move onto more high-elevation and high-consequence sections of the route towards the summit.

The team is missing friends and family back home, but is undoubtedly enjoying this challenging, yet rewarding alpine objective. Here’s Pablo:

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