Cook and Baurenschmitdt team caching around Windy Corner – Happy birthday to guide Jason!

Kevin Cook called in an update for his West Buttress expedition (I believe he says “Team Dank Sauce”? Likely an inside joke on the team. If I’m mistaken in our hearing, please let us know!), from Camp Two.

Yesterday the team back-carried to retrieve their cache near Denali Pass after moving camp up to 11,200′, aka Camp Two. According to messages they’ve sent via InReach, the weather has been spectacular; a nice change after a few days of low pressure.

Today, May 19, also happens to be lead guide Jason Denley’s birthday! Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoutout to Jason from all of us at Mountain Trip! Hopefully he has cake and candles up on the glacier…

You’ll notice that the recording cuts out a bit, as it’s often challenging to get a reliable satellite phone signal from Camp Two, since it sits in a natural basin the mountain.

Here’s Kevin!


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