May 3 Denali Team – Enjoying The Snow At 11,200′

Mountain trip Guide Mason Stansfield called in, but his satellite phone dropped the call after he mentioned “good chocolate.”  Strange…  Well, satellite phones at high latitudes work best when they have a clear view toward the equator and from the beautiful basin in which the team is camped, the view south is blocked by towering ice cliffs.

The team is doing well, and keeping in good cheer, despite the snow that has kept them in place today.  The plan is to carry loads of supplies up to a spot at around 13,500′ (4115m).  As soon as the weather permits, they will load up and ascend a 300m slope known as Motorcycle Hill.  Above that point, they will climb a couple shorter, but steeper slopes before hiking along the base of the West Buttress proper until they climb up and around the infamous Windy Corner, where a steep rock ridge drops from the Buttress to the glacier.

Here’s Mason!


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