January 6 Aconcagua Team experiencing notorious Andes wind

The team is making their way steadily up to the 22,841′ summit of Aconcagua, the highest point in the Americas.

Climber David Kozma called in an update on the team, who moved yesterday, January 14, from Plaza Argentina Base Camp at 13,800’ (4200 m) to Camp One at Camp 1 at 16,300 (4970 m). The climb to Camp One is quite engaging, as the route winds through glacial fins eroded by wind.

They will likely do a few supply carries and acclimatization hikes before they make the push up to Camp Two at just shy of 18,000’ (5480 m).

Here’s David!

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  1. Great reporting from David Kozma! Keep it up. I’ll be hoping for good weather for you all. Be safe and I can’t wait for update.


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