May 14 Denali Team at Camp 1

Mountain Trip Guide Sebastian Grau checked in from Camp 1 on behalf of his May 14 Denali West Buttress Expedition

The team had a long, grueling travel day, over six and a half hours over the glacier, to reach their first camp up the Kahiltna Glacier. He said everyone was looking and feeling healthy and fit as they put in a long day in snowy weather to reach Camp 1. Although they didn’t have much of a view during their trip, the colder conditions make glacier travel a little more efficient. They hope to wake up to clear weather for some views of the giant mountains that loom all around them.

Seba said that other members of the team will be checking in periodically to describe the team’s progress and send their love to family and friends watching from back home. They will likely spend today caching gear up high preparing for their push up to Camp 2.

Here’s Seba:

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  1. Tracy

    Good job Jim. So happy to hear all is going well! Stay safe and enjoy your views. ❤️ Tracy and kids

  2. Lisa Metcalf

    Awesome! Sounds exhausting but exciting! Keep up the good work! Safe Travels! We’re proud of you Jim! The Metcalf’s

  3. Kerri

    Great job Jim !! Be careful, take pictures

  4. Vanessa Bell

    Hola, Seba! Love hearing these updates! Rest up, stay safe & enjoy the climb! Big hugs to Seba from your California family. Besos!

  5. Sean Riley

    God Speed!!!

  6. Sue

    Debbie, we are so proud of you and look forward to all of your updates! I hope you can feel the love and support.

    Onward and Upward!

  7. Tammy Kulow

    Glad to hear you made it to Base Camp 1. Hope the weather tomorrow is a little better so you can enjoy the view. Safe travel to Camp 2. Plymouth is missing you, Deb!

  8. Julie Dippel

    Debbie you’ve got this! All that hard work, determination, and fundraising has paid off!! Couldn’t be any more of you and your accomplishments!! Climb on!! Can’t wait to hear all of your stories!!


  9. Jen

    Love hearing the updates and learning about your progress! So proud of you Debbie!

  10. Annapis

    Proud proud proud! Please take care, here in Italy we all are sending good vibes to you all! ?

  11. Sarah

    Debbie, you are so inspiring! Keep pushing!

  12. A te

    Ma le seychelles no ??

  13. Karin Orr

    Go team! Thinking of you Luigi. Miss you so much but so happy to hear you’re all persevering!!

  14. Victoria Nack

    Hi sis (Debbie)… So glad you posted the picture of your team and all the members—-what a good-looking group! Thinking of all of you throughout each day and love getting the updates. PROUD OF ALL OF YOU and of course very very proud of my sis…. love you all!!!

  15. Donald Nack

    Survival tip. If you get a little chilly, Microwave some M&M’s and share them with your new friends. They will all love you for it.

  16. Traci

    Keep your eye on the goal Wendy!! You’ve got this!!!
    Can’t wait to hear from you all again!!!

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