2016 Everest Expedition back at Camp 2

Vanessa called to check in on behalf of the Mountain Trip 2016 Everest Expedition early this morning. She said that they had an especially hard day after leaving Everest BC, successfully climbing all the way from Base Camp up to Camp 2 through several difficult sections beneath a relentless sun. They were fortunate enough to enjoy a rest day at Camp 2, attempting to build up as many calorie reserves and rest and prepare their bodies for a summit bid.

They’re planning on an alpine start to begin the ascent to Camp 3, and will leave Camp 2 early, at around 3:30 am. From Camp 3, only three days of difficult climbing stand between the team and the highest summit in the world. Vanessa said that they’re all feeling healthy, strong and excited about a potential summit, which they’re planning to go for on May 20, weather permitting.

The team says hello to friends and family watching back home. To listen to Vanessa, click below:


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