June 11 West Buttress team hoping to move to Camp Three today

Climber Teri called in an update on the June 11 West Buttress team who, despite snow and wind, were able to move up to Camp Two at 11,200′ and cache at 13,500′ to put them in good position to move to Camp Three at 14,200′ today.

The spirits on the team seem very high!

Here’s Teri!

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  1. Cathy Laughna

    Hi Ryan and Teri,
    So happy to hear you were able to move up the mountain. I took Georgie and Rosie to Crafty Beer on our evening walk. They were perfectly well behaved. They even seemed to like the live music. We definitely will fit this into our walk routine a few more times. Graham is coming over Tuesday night to watch G and R so I can go to Chapel Hill to visit a friend. XOs

  2. Cindy

    Teri! So good to hear your voice my friend. Moving on up that mountain! Keep kicking ass and get your summit!

  3. Michelle

    Hey Teri! Sounds like you all are doing great. Worrying over how you are keeping warm with with all that snow and no body fat— but I know you are strong and determined! We are in the mountains of Boone😀 Miss you and wishing you safe and fun journey. –Michelle and Wes


    Luiz, que bom saber que vocês estão bem. Por aqui tudo bem. Totó e Ninão estão passeando comigo e com o Miguel. Ninão sempre enlouquecido forçando para frente.A copa andando. Deu 2 x 0 Brasil e Costa Rica na ultima sexta-feira. É isso, um beijo e boa escalada. Simone Schreiner.

  5. Angie Johnson

    So great to hear Teri give an outstanding report. Keep climbing team! Teri I may be able to hike sooner than I thought. Got rid of the crutches this past week and moved to a small brace!

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