June 15 Team: The Talkeetna Hang

The team mobilized to the runway this afternoon, and they thought they would make it in to the range, but the weather moved in once again and the team will stay in Talkeetna another night. This is not an uncommon situation for teams attempting to fly in to the Alaska range, and over the years we’ve dubbed this the “Talkeetna Hang.”  Teams literally hang around Talkeetna, waiting for a break in the weather. Our fabulous air services provider, Talkeetna Air Taxi, has a massive horn and when the weather is clearing and they think planes might fly, they lay on the horn (which can be heard from anywhere in town); this means, “get here quick!” Everyone scrambles back to the air strip and begins loading preparations. Unfortunately it was a pump fake for the June 15 team today, but they will make it in, soon.  For a town it’s size, Talkeetna has a disproportionate number of good restaurants and the team is well fed.

Here’s Fischer:


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