June 18 West Buttress team at Camp One, to cache today

Mountain Trip guide Karl Welter called in an update on the June 18 team, who had just arrived at Camp One at 7,800′. The team moved up to Camp One at 7,800′ from Denali Base Camp at 7,200′, trekking through the night after landing on the Kahiltna Glacier from Talkeetna. While not a particularly steep trek, the journey to Camp One from Base Camp is quite long and strenuous, due to climbers having to “single-carry” all of their supplies for a 21-day expedition. From here on out, they will place caches on the way up the mountain to lighten their loads moving between camps.

They have been in a mild snowstorm for about 12 hours, but the winds are low and the team hopes to head up Ski Hill once the temperatures dip back below freezing at night and head out by the light of the midnight sun once the glacier is more solid. At around 10,500′, they will bury a cache that they will later retrieve on their way up to Camp Two at 11,200′.

Here’s Karl!

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