Update From the June 1 Team

The storm continues to rage high on Denali, with winds estimated at 60 mph and waist deep snow. The team has their hands full digging out tents and maintaining camp. The weight of the snow can quickly collapse tents and it’s a critical job to stay on top of the snow accumulation in camp.  With no break in the weather in the forecast, the team has made the difficult decision to descend to Base Camp. Now it’s simply a matter of, again, waiting for a break in the weather to make the two day journey back to Base Camp.

Here’s Nathan with today’s report:


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  1. Oh Nathan so sorry to hear this. I can’t imagine how you feel. But what an amazing achievement getting as far as you did, you should be super proud. And the best part is you will be safely returning to your family. Have a fantastic holiday with them. Keep the dream alive. Look forward to hearing about it. xx

  2. Nathan your voice recording says it all… You sounded so disappointed. Mother Nature isn’t kind sometimes! Safe journey back down and enjoy some R n R with the fam. Cheers, Deb

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