May 14 Denali Team Update

The May 14 Denali West Buttress team checked in from Base Camp yesterday evening, reporting that everyone was doing well and looking forward to beginning their trip up the mountain.

They reported that the weather on the lower glacier is “very hot and very sunny.” Although the team feels like it’s a scorcher out there, the forecast is only calling for a high of around 10 degrees at 14,000 ft. But with the sun reflecting off of miles and miles of snow and ice, it can feel much, much hotter.

The team should be departing early this morning, and should be to Camp 1 before the peak of the sun makes it too uncomfortable to hike in layers.

Here’s guide Seba Grau:

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  1. Hope your trip to base camp 1 went well after the delays. LOL! Debbie, it’s a balmy 60 degrees here today in Plymouth! Lots of sun! Take care and be safe and look forward to more reports.

    Tammy K.

  2. Can’t wait to read the reports everyday. Hard to think of it being hot!! Hope the climb to Camp 1 went well. Will check tonight for details. Stay safe!!!

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