May 28 Team Retrieves Cache at 13500′

The team made a quick dip down to 13500′ to retrieve the cache, then returned to camp and had a few hours of training. It sounds like the crew is happy, healthy, and being well taken care of by the guide team.


A Mountain Trip team drops down from 14,200′ to retrieve their cache at 13,500′.


Here is Steve with today’s report (note that the recording ends at :52. I think he forgot to hang up 🙂


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  1. June 4th – Hello Michael! I’m so sorry I missed your call last night!! I hope you’re having a better day today?? Hopefully, you can call again. I know you won’t get these messages until the end of your trip and I’m sure it’s hard not hearing from your family on a daily basis. You’re in our thoughts and prayers every day and we all miss you. Keep strong, keep praying each and every day, and hang in there! Much love and hugs, Mom and Mick

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