May 18 Team Practicing Patience at High Camp

It’s a difficult, but essential, skill for a mountaineer: patience. The team was poised for a summit attempt, but the weather on the upper mountain was not settled and it became a rest day at High Camp for the team. Climbers will be resting, hydrating, eating, and mentally preparing for an opportunity to continue the ascent. The guide team will be monitoring the weather closely.

denali hihg camp

High Camp on Denali. The North Summit is just out of view, basically behind the black rocks in the background.

denali summit map

The route from just outside High Camp to the summit of Denali.


Here’s guide Nicole with the team report:


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  1. Sjon Wagenaar

    Member of the team Marlies called at 8.30 that they probably are going up today. So good luck for everybody!!!

  2. Sjon Wagenaar

    Marlies called: the team didn’t succeed. Too cold and too much wind. They had to go down.

  3. Sjon Wagenaar

    Correction: only one rope team had to go down, the other reached the summit.

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