May 21 Team at High Camp!

It sounds like it was a long, but good, day for the May 21 Team as they pushed up to High Camp 17,200′. The team is moving well and guide Jesse reports that everyone is in good spirits and excited to finally be at High Camp. After the big move, the team will now rest, hydrate, eat, and prepare mentally and physically for the days ahead.

High Camp is located on an amazingly flat little plateau, high in a nook on the flank of Denali. The views are stunning and it really feels like you are on top of the world. The wind can be ferocious, however, and it’s best to stay on top of your game when you are up this high. The team will take the time to fortify their camp with high, snow walls surrounding tents to protect them from the wind.

Denali Guides High Camp

A fortified Mountain Trip team at High Camp


Mountain Trip climbers on the ridge that leads up to High Camp. (Thanks Yoshiko Miyazaki-Back for the photo!)


Here’s Jesse:


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