Rest Day for the May 18 Team

The Team enjoyed a well deserved rest day today at 14 Camp. It’s important for a climber to allow his/her body to rest and recover from all the strenuous exercise of the previous days. It also allows time to eat well and rehydrate before moving up to High Camp at 17200′. The Team’s rest day sounded pretty good to me—blueberry pancakes in bed, an ice cold whisky to finish the day…..ahhh. These guys and gals have it rough!

At 14 Camp, climbers have a beautiful view of Mount Foraker, the second tallest peak in the Alaska range.


Here’s Lee with the report:


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  1. I’m not surprised Lee’s update was very food focused. Good luck to all the climbers – sounds like everyone is doing great. Lots of love Zoe xx

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