Cache Day for the May 28 Team

The team moved a load of equipment and supplies up to a cache site at 9800′. A three week Denali expedition requires a huge amount of supplies, and the process of caching helps the team move efficiently. In addition, it helps their bodies acclimate to the ever changing altitude. A cache site is literally a place where the team digs a huge, deep hole and buries bags of supplies. The guide team carefully marks the location of the site, and a couple of days later the team will return to pick up the cached items.

Here’s Lara with the team update:


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  1. Hi Michael! Love getting the team updates! Sounds like it’s a clear day and you can see the Mountain!! I hope you can take lots of pictures!! Thinking of you on this great adventure!! Much love and hugs, Mom and Mick too!!

  2. I’ve told so many of my buddies what you are doing & they shake their heads in disbelief!! Something like what you are doing there are only a very, very small percentage of people on the face of the earth accomplish. So proud of you & excited for you on your remarkable voyage in life. Carry on!!

    Love & Blessings,

  3. Great to hear the recording. Sounds like this will be an incredible experience. We looking forward to additional updates so keep them coming please. Also looking forward to seeing Marciela and Abby next week. All our love, Dad and Evelyn

  4. Hey Steve and Lara!
    I’m glad it’s going well and you had a good trip up to the cache point at 9800′! Keep your toes and fingers warm!

    The Hamiltons

  5. The recording update was great, Many thanks Mike. This has to be an incredible experience and views simply incredible. More power to my son for doing this. Keep the updates coming. Dad and Evelyn

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