West Rib Expedition Checks in from 7,800 ft.

Guide Pablo Puruncajas called in to Mountain Trip HQ on behalf of the West Rib Expedition on Denali, who have been making steady progress up the route. The team made a four-hour trek from Base Camp to Camp 1 at 7,800 ft., where they will stay for the night resting and acclimating for the days ahead.

Today, they have an eight-hour climb up to 11,000′ Camp, where they will cache supplies for the days ahead. At the time of the call, Pablo, Juliana and Seth were relaxing and preparing dinner at 7,800 ft. Camp. They’re hoping for good weather so that they can continue pushing upward in the next several days. Tomorrow, the team will hopes to move up to 11,000 ft. and set up camp for the night.

The climbers say hello to their friends and family back home. To listen to Pablo, click below:

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