Vinson Team at High Camp

Adam called in late yesterday to report that the team decided to make the push up to high camp.  They slept in somewhat yesterday, after making their move up the Branscomb Glacier to establish themselves at what is known as “Low Camp.”  This camp is at the base of a 1000m high, fairly steep ridge that leads up to the summit plateau of Mount Vinson.

It took the team about 7 hours to make that move, and they had initially planned to rest following the big day, but after they awoke to a blue-bird day on the morning of the 23rd, they decided to take advantage of the weather and head uphill again.

Everyone did well climbing up the steep slopes of the ridge, which involved using fixed lines to protect them from slips becoming falls.  The ridge varies from 30-40 degrees in steepness, which makes for very engaging terrain to climb through.

Today, they will relax in high camp, protected from the always-present potential for high winds by thick walls constructed of blocks of snow gut from the glacier.  They have lots of food and plenty of time, so they will give their legs a break and allow their bodies to adjust somewhat to the new elevation of roughly 12,300 feet (3700m).

Here is Adam:

Adam calling from High Camp

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