Nepal Relief Effort

There are many organizations contributing time, money and resources to the relief effort in Nepal.  The devastation as a result of the recent earthquake is still beyond calculation and the need for both short and long term assistance is dire.

Mountain Trip is supporting the Dzi Foundation, which assists remote villages in eastern Nepal.  The Dzi Foundation has proverbial boots on the ground right now and have been working with a number of villages for years.  Their efforts are in the form of long term (9-year) commitments focused on 77 settlements, which are home to 29,000 residents.  We have worked with the Dzi Foundation in the past and applaud their work.

We are also supporting the American Himalayan Foundation, which is committing 100% of gifts directly to the relief effort.

If you are able to donate to a relief organization, we ask that you please be as generous as possible.  There are a number of aid organizations that are hard at work right now in Nepal, and if you would like your gift to go directly to the immediate efforts, please consider one of the organizations found HERE.

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