Moving Up! May 6 Team Settles in 11,200′ Camp

After caching yesterday, the team made the move up to 11,200′, Camp 2, today. This is a 4.5 mile push up the glacier with 3400′ of elevation gain. It sounds like the move went well, and the team is settling in camp for a hot dinner.

denali camp 2

Denali Camp 2


Roland has a special message in Dutch for his friends and family back home:


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  1. Leuk pap! Om je stem te horen!:) hier gaat alles goed met ons! Oma mist jou wel😉 maar het gaat heel goed met haar en ook bij Veenkamp! We hebben het elke dag over je in de groepsapp hihi🤗 heeeeel veeel succes allemaal❤️ Dikke kus, Lynn

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