Mountain Trip Team in Camp 2

Good news, the Sherpas called just a little while ago and said they were just coming into Camp 2 after a long, hot descent down the Lhotse Face today.

It is always a challenge coming down the day after summiting. Conditions were reported as windy and cold at the South Col this morning when they left. One advantage of having a 4 to 1 Sherpa ratio is camp 4 is taken down and cleaned in one shot. We also had another group of 2 Sherpas go up from Base Camp to Camp 3 today to bring down empty O2 bottles.

A big day up to C3 and back to BC in one day, thank you Karma Geljin and Da Kusang! Everyone should be back in BC tomorrow morning around 10am Nepal time. They are planning to spend the night at C2 tonight and then come down the icefall very early am.

It is very warm now in BC, there was another collapse in the icefall today and a Sherpa from another team took a fall off a ladder but was ok. The Sherpas are coming down now with very heavy loads supporting all the summits in the last few days. These guys are the super stars of Everest! I will post photos when Manoj is back in Camp.

-Scott Woolums

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