Mountain Trip October 2022 Kilimanjaro Climb – Meet the Team!

It’s the last month of the dry season in Tanzania and a perfect time to climb Kilimanjaro. This 19,300ft/5895m peak towers over the forests and plains of Tanzania, and still holds some remnant glaciers in the crater of this dormant volcano. Our team has arrived in Tanzania and today they are checking their equipment and preparing to start their trek tomorrow (October 4). They will be spending this evening at the N’darakwai game lodge, a private game preserve and luxury tented lodge at the base of Kilimanjaro. They’ll have an opportunity to take a game hike this evening and see some of the local giraffe, elephant, bushbuck, and other wildlife. It’s a great introduction to Africa, and a beautiful place to unwind from the travel before the trek begins.

We’ll be getting regular updates from the team along their journey and we encourage you to follow along here. The team will try to call in daily updates, and keep us updated with satellite communications when they’re out of cell service.


Here’s the team of climbers:

  • Neil Rauenhorst
  • Gregory Yadley
  • Richard Sloan Yadley
  • Lori Benvenuto
  • Karl Fisher
  • Sasha Dehaven
  • Stephen Benge
  • Laura Duncan (Mountain Trip)
  • Jason Denley (Mountain Trip/Lead Guide)


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