Everest Here We Come!

Everest 2021, here we come!

Following a year of uncertainty, challenges and quarantines it is surreal to be sitting on a trans-Atlantic flight making my way towards Nepal. The months of training and staring at seemingly endless spreadsheets of expedition gear lists and itineraries are finally coming to a close.  No longer will I be unpacking and repacking my duffel bags on a daily basis at home, making sure that I could fit all my personal gear in addition to team equipment. Now I’ll just be packing and repacking on a daily basis, but this time on the trail in Nepal! There is always a palpable feeling of relief when I can check my bags and begin the trip. 

AftFlying around the worlder 36 hours of travel, consisting of 21 hours in the air and an 8-hour layover in Doha, Qatar, I’ll arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal. The short reprieve in thinking on trip logistics that is granted by international travel will end and the jet-lag recovery will begin.  

Our team will slowly filter into Katmandu with our last members arriving on April 6th.  We will be spending our time going over final preparations, last minute acquisitions of gear and preparing to leave Katmandu on April 9th. Check back in over the next few days as we will introduce our team members before we take off from Katmandu and head towards Namche!

Thanks for following along and sharing in this journey with us!

Fischer Hazen 

Everest Guide Mountain Trip 2021


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