Mount Everest 2021 – Brad Flies Out from Camp 2

From Scott Woolums, Everest Basecamp Manager on April 29, 2021:
After two nights at Camp 1, the team moved up to Camp 2 last night. Unfortunately, Brad started to suffer from symptoms of HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema). After being out on supplemental O2 for a night without improvement, Jacob made the decision to have Brad flown out before weather moved in.
From Brad:

“Camp 2, 21,000+ feet above sea level. Not the easiest place to get to, but plenty of ice 🙂 All was great until yesterday when the Oxygen level in my blood was discovered to be low. In an abundance of caution, I got a Heli down to Kathmandu. After a battery of check ups by Nepal’s best, I was given a clean bill of health. So now with “one strike” we are trying to build a plan to safely get back to business. I want to get back there NOW, but we have to make sure I will not jeopardize the team in any way. Let’s see what God’s plan for Brad is for how ;)”



The rest of the team is doing well. It is a tough move up to that altitude and this is why we will normally do three rotations, going a little higher each time to adjust. Even with a careful acclimatization plan, things can and do go wrong. However, I would say this was a bit unusual.
The plan is for the rest of the team to spend two more nights at Camp 2, then descend to Base Camp on May 1st. Increasing afternoon snowstorms have been cruising around, and we have had several inches here at Everest Base Camp today already.
We are all very happy Brad is safe, as this is the most important detail while climbing Mount Everest!

Scott Woolums

Mountain Trip Everest Base Camp Manager
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