Morning at Everest Base Camp after the Earthquake (w/ update)

Jacob called in this morning from Everest Base Camp, we had a challenging time communicating with a poor satellite phone connection, but we were able to talk over the course of three phone calls.   Things began happening at base camp starting at dawn; helicopters were able to begin evacuating the most critically injured from EBC.

As of now, seven evacuation flights have come in and out of EBC.  There are 17 critically injured that the doctors and everyone at base camp watched over last night, and as weather has improved today they are hoping to be able to fly all out today.   Over 20 people are reported dead at base camp currently, with many more still missing.

Teams at Camp 1 and Camp 2 seem to be OK, but anxious to get down to base camp.  There have been only a couple of Sherpa who have descended through the icefall since the earthquake.  There are many climbers missing still, and they expect to find more victims at base camp and in the icefall before this is all through.  The Sherpa who descended through the icefall were able to hear some voices of trapped climbers on their way down.

Jacob and a guide from IMG (sorry I didn’t get the name due to bad reception) are going to attempt to go up into the icefall this morning to see if they can help anyone, and to assess what gear they may need to help establish a route for the more than 100 climbers who are above the icefall in Camp 1 and Camp 2.   Jacob said that the “Icefall Doctors” have left the mountain, so the rescue is up to the remaining climbers.

Scott H. is in Lukla and will return to Kathmandu as soon as they are able to fly, and return home.

David and Alisha Germer from our EBC trek/Island Peak climb are in Pokhara and trying to return to Kathmandu by bus today and return home soon.

Update 10:30am Nepal time:

Jacob is back in base camp after a trip up into the icefall this morning.  They were able to determine that the route was relatively in tact, and climbers were beginning to make their way down from the upper camps towards EBC.  There are some injured climbers from the upper mountain, and some with altitude illness that are being helped down through the icefall this morning.  The search will continue in basecamp and through the icefall for any other victims.   The Mountain Trip Sherpa team is planning to pack up what they can and come down to base camp today.  We’ll continue to update as we get any more details from EBC.

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  1. Just know there are SO MANY people “back home” who are praying for the injured, the rescuers, the team staff, and the families of those who did not escape unharmed. I very much appreciate the professionalism I’ve seen from this company…in a tragedy, people need to feel secure in the information they receive. You all are doing a great job in a delicate and still unresolved situation. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for a steady & others-centric presence in the midst of devastation. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in your community if there’s anything we can do to participate in any way. Good thoughts headed your way & to everyone in Nepal.

  3. I am grateful your team is ok – and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the service you are providing to others.

  4. We are all praying that those still on the mountain will be able to move to safety as soon as possible. Praying for all those injured in the earthquakes and avalanches. Thank you for all you are doing to look after those still in danger and for keeping the rest of us current on your status.
    Sending you love and light.

  5. We are so grateful to hear from Jacob via Mountain Trip’s updates -family and friends are following, you’re in our thoughts and we are so proud of you and Anne! Lots of love from the States, your little sister Sarah

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