Messages From Aconcagua

Amazing weather and smiles abound here at Plaza Argentina base camp!

We had an amazing hike in to this [point, with blue skies every day. In fact this is some of the warmest and nicest conditions many of the porters and guides have seen in a long time. We carried up to Camp 1 two days ago, and enjoyed hiking across a rock covered glacier and through the penitentes. Today we move up to Camp 1, everyone is ready to go especially as we all know the trail!

Hi to all family and friends, I miss ya and will be in touch soon! Life is good!


A few messages from the climbers follow:

Sam- spreading the word of the rise above stigma project and has several future donations coming her way after the climb! I’ve been called the team counselor!

Michelle- wants to say hi to family and friends!

Bob- am quite surprised that, so far, I am finding this climb far more mental then physical. I hope I am up for the remaining challenge.
I am greatly enjoying spending time with all my fellow climbers, they are quite a diverse and interesting group.

David- hello to the “Over The Arroyo Gang,” a really cool hiking group and great friends in Santa Fe NM that I am a member.

Kelly- sending love to all my friends and family. Climbing(safely)with a great group and enjoying the views.

Jack- is enjoying he first few weeks of retirement and says hi to family!

Chad- says hi to family and friends

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