Meet the Team! June 1st Denali West Buttress

Welcome to the trip dispatches for the June 1 Mountain Trip Denali Team!

June 1 Denali West Buttress Team in Talkeetna

The June 1 Denali Team in Talkeetna on a beautiful day!


Our Denali season is in full swing, and another crew of climbers has joined together to fly into the Alaska Range and embark on a 22 -day expedition to climb Denali (20,310′) on the West Buttress Route.

Let’s meet the climbers!

Vadim Trubetskoy

Aparna Kumar

Gilad Rosolio

Chuck Nuzum

Eem Napassaporn

Nathan Anderton

The Mountain Trip guide team will be led by senior guide Sebastian Grau, who will be assisted by Taylor Pyle and Chris Cullaz.

Please keep in mind that NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS. Teams call in via satellite phone from one of the most remote mountain ranges on earth, and they cannot always establish a good connection to update us with audio. Some places on the mountain, especially Camp Two at 11,200′, are especially tough to establish a connection. Other times, the team will be climbing on a particular schedule and may neglect to call in for a couple of days — same goes for when they may be tired after a particularly strenuous day, or if not much has changed in terms of their position on the route.

Feel free to leave encouraging comments for friends and family members, but remember that they wont have access to read or respond until they emerge from the Alaska Range to the relative civilization of Talkeetna, AK.

Best of luck to the guides and climbers!

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