Each season, we work with teams of climbers from different parts of the world, in an effort to help climbers from different cultural backgrounds have a great experience on North America’s tallest mountain.  In just a day or two the May 30 team will begin their journey to Alaska, convening at the Millennium Hotel for a team meeting/equipment check the morning of May 30th. Let’s meet the team!

The team members include:

Jingfeng Wang from Atlanta, Georgia

Lowell Short from Highland Falls, New York

Penny Nicolaysen from Austr Amey, Norway

Peter Lewis from Sonning Common, England

and Kathryn Dingle, a Canadian living in England.


The Mountain Trip guide team:

Ian Nicholson from Seattle, Washington

Yoshiko Miyazaki-Back from Reno, Nevada

and Karl Welter from Telluride, Colorado

We will update this dispatch page as often as we hear from the team.  Please keep in mind that communications from the rugged Alaska Range can be challenging on a good, clear day.  When the weather is tough, calls from satellite phones can be even more disrupted.  If a day or two passes with no update, please hold onto the age old saying of, “No news is good news!”


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